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The TTC operates 52 Articulated Light Rail Vehicle (ALRV) streetcars numbered 4200-4251.  These cars are re-using their car numbers, as they were orinigally used for the former PCC A-3 streetcars.  The ALRV is designated class L-3.  They were built be UTDC/Lavalin between 1987 and 1989.  These cars are 76 feet long, and are the sister cars of the CLRV.  The ALRV seats 61. 

In 1995, ALRV #4238 had air conditioning installed (along with CLRV #4089) to test how air conditioning would perform on these cars.  Unfortunately, the test ended after one year, and the air conditioning system was removed.
ALRV #4200, the first one to arrive, is seen on the 501 Queen line heading east to Neville Park.

ARLV #4217 prepares to head east form Neville Park.

ALRV #4220 is approaching Humber Loop on a westbound 501 Queen run.

ALRV #4236 heading west along Lake Shore Blvd. W. on a 501 Queen run.  This streetcar is heading for Long Branch Loop.
ALRV #4242 departs Long Branch Loop on a 501 run to Neville Park.
ALRV #4243 is seen heading westbound on Lake Shore Blvd. W. as it heads towards Long Branch Loop.
ALRV #4243 at Humber Loop after arriving from Long Branch Loop on June 24th, 2018.
ALRV #4246 crosses Kipling Ave. while heading east along Lake Shore Blvd. W. on a 501 Queen run to Neville Park.