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This page is dedicated to the TTC's Humber Loop currently used by the 501 streetcars and the now late 507 car.  The loop is located on The Queensway, just west of the Humber River.  It connects the Queensway streetcar tracks with those on Lake Shore Blvd. W.

In its its glory days, Humber Loop was the terminus of both the 501 Queen car which ran between Humber Loop and Neville Park in the east end, and it was the eastern terminus of the 507 Long Branch car which operated along Lake Shore Blvd. west to Long Branch Loop on the border with Mississauga.  The Loop also saw the 80 Queensway bus. 

In 1997, the 507 streetcar was amalgamated into the 501 Queen route, making the Queen car one of the longest streetcar lines in the world.  The 501's route now extends between Long Branch Loop and Neville Park, with every second westbound streetcar short-turned at Humber Loop.

Humber Loop still sees the occasional bus stopping there - the 80B Queensway and the 66A Prince Edward buses still call in on occasion.

Due the the amalgamation of the 501 and 507 streetcar routes, the TTC is currently in the process moving towards having a new loop near the intersection of Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore Blvd. W.  The future opening of this loop will mean the downfall of Humber Loop.  Humber Loop now appears to be nearing the end of its service.

Humber Loop from the bus entrance off The Queensway.  The CLRV in the backgorund is resting in the short-turn loop to head back to Neville Park.

CLRV #4084 rests in the former 507 loop (to turn cars west to Long Branch Loop) on October 6th, 2007.  The car seen behind the shelter has enter the loop to turn cars back east towards Neville Park.  The car immediately behind #4084 is doing a run through between Long Branch Loop and Neville Park.

CLRV #4084 rests in western loop at Humber, formerly used by the 507 car, while running a pseudo 507 run on October 6th 2007.  Two ALRVs prepare to make stops at their respective stops at Humber prior to continuing onto Neville Park or Long Branch.

An ALRV rests in the loop prior to heading east to Neville Park.

CLRV #4186 in the old loop for the Long Branch car at Humber Loop.
ALRV #4215 has just arrived from Neville Park and will shortly turn around and head back to Neville Park on October 6th, 2007.

ALRV #4226, operating on the 501 Queen line, has just arrived at Humber Loop on January 3rd, and will soon turn around and head east to Neville Park.