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Long Branch Loop is the most western loop on the TTC streetcar system located in the former village of Long Branch.   It is now served by the 501 car, but formally the end point of the 507 car which ran from Long Branch Loop along Lake Shore Boulevard to Humber Loop. 

Long Branch Loop also sees the 110A and 110B Islington bus, and the 123 Shorncliffe bus.  Mississauga Transit also offers service to Long Branch Loop on its 23 Lakeshore and 5 Dixie buses.  The TTC also operates the 508 streetcar out of Long Branch during the rush hour bound for service on Lake Shore Blvd., the Queensway, and King Street.  Unfortunately, the 508 currently sees very little service.

A shot of the shelter at Long Branch with a CLRV proceeding to loop around to pick up passengers and a Mississauga Transit bus on the left.
Long Branch Loop seen from the westend of Brown's line.

A view of Long Branch shelter with CLRV #4094 and Mississauga Transit bus #0563 preparing to depart on their respective duties.

ALRV #4214, CLRV #4165, ALRV #4138, and ALRV #4247 rest at Long Branch before either heading to Neville Park on the 501 route (the ALRVs) or to Humber Loop on a pseudo 507 run (the CLRV.)

CLRV #4163, ALRV #4217, and ALRV #4240 rest at Long Branch Loop on the afternoon of December 3rd 2007.  All three will soon depart for Neville Park on the TTC's 501 route.

 Two ALRVs rest at Long Branch Loop on a snowy December day in 2007 prior to beginning their runs to Neville Park on the 501 run.
CLRV #4068 is turning around in the west end of the loop.  CLRV #4068 then stop at the shelter to pick up passengers before departing on an eastbound 501 run out to Neville Park

ALRV #4208 arrives at Long Branch Loop.

ALRV #4207 rests at Long Branch Loop prior to starting a 501 Queen run out to Neville Park on Christmas Eve, 2013.