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November 29th 2008 marked a turning point in history for VIA Rail - their flagship train, the Canadian, departed Toronto's Union Station for the last time on a three night schedule, right on time at 09:00.  Starting with the next departure, on December 2nd 2008, the Canadian will depart at 22:00 on a three day, four night schedule designed to improve the train's reliability to operate on schedule.

The consist for the train was:

F40 #6420
F40 #6406
HEP-I Baggage Car #8609
HEP-I Coach #8142
HEP-I Coach #8123
Skyline #8511
Dining Car Palliser
Carleton Manor
Cabot Manor
Stuart Manor
Assiniboine Park

Following are some pictures of the historic departure:
And now for a short video of the departure can be found here: