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This page is dedicated transit in snow.  Being in Canada, Toronto can get a lot of snow in winter.  However, this can sometimes make for great pictures of transit in snow.

TTC bus #8024 has departed Long Branch Loop and is enroute along the Lakeshore towards Brown's Line while running as a #110A to Islington subway station.  This picture was taken February 1st, 2008.


Bus #6740 departs Long Branch, also on a 110B run.
ARLV #4216 is heading west towards Long Branch Loop on a 501 run.
ALRV #4216 prepares to enter Long Branch Loop.
ALRV 4205 is pictured here as it enters Long Branch Loop.
ALRV 4205 is picture here resting at Long Branch Loop.
ALRV 4216 at Long Branch Loop.  The driver is currently adding sand prior to departing east for Neville Park.
A close up of ALRV #4216's front end showing a build up of snow and ice on its front bumper.